hope this was autospell gone wrong

I was helping someone with a problem they were having with the website for their medical care and submitted feedback online, and I paste here the response “The her forms have been processed. I apologize for the incontinence this has caused.” I hope incontinence was an auto-correct mistake for a (poor) attempt to spell inconvenience, and that the person was not confusing the two terms. The medical care had nothing to do with bladder control.


new razor/shaver

Splurged on a new Norelco SensoTouch 3D razor. Seems much gentler than my Braun 8975, while also being a better shave. The complaints about the head being too big and being a bit difficult to get close to the nose have some basis, but a little extra care to get that area right is worth it to me for the improvement on everything else. Readjusting how I spend my money. The little things (a great razor that makes me mind shaving less) matter more than the bigger things (like having a newer car with cool options).


My son does well with most academic things for this age so I want to focus on other things and take a step back from praising him for reading well, for example. He seems to get more than enough of that. It’s so easy to praise him for the things he is good at though, most of the time without even realizing I’m doing it until I’m in the middle of it.


A healthy preschooler concerned about the idea he will die someday, but never mentioning concerns about his (healthy) parents’ mortality – is that a sign of a young philosopher, or a warning sign of a potential anxiety-filled future.