mozzarella and ricotta cheeses

In the last year, I’ve made cheese a few times – signed up for a community ed class, but it was cancelled, so learned from the internet how to do it.

Fresh mozzarella is indeed marvelous!  There are plenty of places to find a kit and directions.

And after making mozzarella, what is left is used to make ricotta.

I have even made some using skim milk, though I prefer using 2%. The brand of milk makes a difference – apparently different brands are pasteurized at different temps and that affects the cheese-making process. So if your first batch doesn’t work out, buy a different brand and try again.

The whey left after making ricotta can be used to make gjetost (pronounced YAY-toast) but I don’t plan to make any more gjetost – don’t like it and haven’t found a use for it.


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