rice crispy treats

I used to make rice crispy treats without any butter – melting the marshmallows in the microwave and once melted, simply adding Rice Crispies.

I’ve gone back to using butter. The little butter that is used for a batch (compared to what goes into a batch of cookies) is so worth the rich flavor.

My favorite modification so far is adding coconut.

I’ve also tried these variations: dried tart cherries and coconut; just dried tart cherries; peanut butter; dark chocolate chips; and mini semisweet chips (a good alternative).

When using chocolate, don’t melt the chocolate – leave them as chips, added when the rice is added.

Next recipe I post will be haystacks


One thought on “rice crispy treats

  1. I have a really good recipe for rice crispy treats…I always add butter, too! And a cup of sugar!! 🙂

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