tortilla pizza

Pizza with tortillas for crust. Baked the tortillas first. The edges of this brand curl up and make for great pizza crust because the sauce doesn’t spill over the edges.

I love to use Silver Palate San Marzano Tomato Romano Pasta Sauce when I can get it cheaply or free – recently got a free jar!

Some baby arugula and fresh mozzarella on top or whatever left overs you have for toppings.  A great and quick lunch.



2 thoughts on “tortilla pizza

  1. Sorry to hear about your divorce; however, props to you for making an intentional effort to “nourish your son’s” life! Keep plugging away at that!
    Do you ever make your own pizza sauce? I just started my own blog and posted my pasta sauce recipe.
    Do you cook with your son as a way to just hang out together?
    Hang in there,

    • Thanks.
      I have made pasta sauce, but only rarely do it. Next time, I’ll try your recipe. Thanks!
      My son and I haven’t cooked together yet. We made rice crispy treats together once. I’ll wait maybe another year before starting actual cooking and baking.

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